4 Popular Online Slot Machines Game Types to Try in 2020

4 Popular Online Slot Machines Game Types to Try in 2020

Traditional slot machines are all about lining particular images or numbers, sometimes in threes. The most popular being the number “7,” which is almost an iconic thing associated with slots.

But over the years of technological advancement and the emergence of excellent software providers for online casinos, everything has changed. You can now see a lot of variation of slot machines, especially when they are currently online.

Yet, the essence of the original slot machine is still here, up to this date. The goal is also unchanged, and the only thing that has received modification is the themes, design, and score modifiers.

With that said, he is some of the best virtual slots games you can try this 2020.

  1. Centre Court: The Tennis Themed Slots Offering Huge Jackpots

The theme of this virtual slot machine is tennis, but if you know anything about that sport, it's all fine. You don't even need to have knowledge or expertise on it. The only thing you need is luck and understanding of the game's mechanics.

To hit the jackpot, you must run a total of 800 coins that are on the five reels. To reach this stage, you must multiply all the coins on your screen.

One fantastic thing that the service provider of the Centre Court added is the spectator mode. It means that you don't need to operate everything else on the screen, and everything will be taken care of by your application or browser.

  1. Penguin City: A Childhood Throwback With Easy Bet Controller

Penguin City is a childish throwback that even adults can play. It's a fresh concept, and it also offers more ways to win than the standard virtual machine does.

You can make up to 243 combinations in this game, which means that your odds are slightly higher on this one than other choices.

The stakes are low, but you can beef it up whenever you want, maximizing your payouts and also increases your chances to obtain a hefty jackpot prize.

  1. Legend of the White Snake Lady: Best Among the Slot Machines

The idea of pay lines doesn't exist in this type of virtual slot machine. Images you get can either be from left to right or the other way around. It's an excellent idea that will invite more players, especially beginners, to try out the game.

Also, the Legend of the White Snake Lady is famous for its bet multiplier that scales up through 5000. The standard of this bet multiplier will start on 1000,  and if you, by any chance, fill in every row with the jackpot combination, then that scales up to 5000.

It's a fantastic addition, but it requires a crazy amount of luck to pull off.

  1. Easter Island: Unique Gameplay, Design, and Mechanics

Moai symbols populate the screen along with ancient design inspirations in this game.

The pay lines in this virtual slot machine are 27. It is a decent amount that would entitle you with excellent payouts. Their swap re-spin mechanic makes the game more interesting because of its ability to change a symbol with something that may be better for the current scenario.

Easter Island is a robust virtual slot machine that offers something new in the table without removing the fun factor of the traditional slot machines.

These variations are perfect for playing in 2020 because of their freshness in the online casino market. Make sure to educate yourself first with these different types of slot machines before betting in a large amount of money.