5 Cryptocurrency You Can Use in Online Gambling Casinos

5 Cryptocurrency You Can Use in Online Gambling Casinos

A cryptocurrency is an essential asset of online betting casinos. By offering them, the casino opens up its door to many potential users that use cryptocurrencies as their primary online payment method.

The rise of cryptocurrencies isn't an accident because, so far, it is a safe and encrypted transaction method. One more thing that makes bitcoin very special is that it is anonymous, which means anyone with internet access may use it.

The majority of online casinos are now offering bitcoin as an alternative method aside from the traditional ones, including credit/debit card and bank transactions. Here are our top crypto picks you can easily use to start gambling right away.

  1. Bitcoin: The Foundation and Father of All Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is the father of all crypto. It is the very first ever crypto to have existed that is made by an anonymous entity named Satoshi Nakamoto.

Almost half of the cryptocurrency transactions involve bitcoin. With its extensive reach, it is no doubt that online casino would add it to their accepted cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is in its most stable place, and using it is entirely safe.

Bitcoin transactions are, however, suffering a high amount of fees. Because of Bitcoin's popularity, miners are also prioritizing operations that would pay more than those who only offer standard payment fees or even less.

  1. Ethereum: Reliable Bitcoin Alternative with Fewer Fees

Ethereum's development started way back in 2014. Since then, it improves in so many fields, especially when it comes to security.

Ethereum is an easy comparison to bitcoin because of the apparent similarities. However, it's still very far from what Bitcoin is as of the moment, but it is currently one of the best alternatives to use.

  1. Ripple: Evolving Crypto that is Gaining Attention and Investors

Ripple's development is originally way back in 2004. Although the final product, Ripple, was released to the public in 2012. The cryptocurrency name it offers is XRP.

The idea of Ripple comes from Ryan Fugger, which envisions something similar to what cryptocurrencies are now. He first created Ripplepay.com as a startup of this idea, although he eventually stepped down and gave way to a new project named OpenCoin.

Ripple's popularity nowadays is reasonably decent, and it still shares a sufficient number of its crypto in the market.

A lot of investors are joining Ripple because of its promises and distinct capabilities to excel even more in the crypto market.

  1. Litecoin: Drawing Inspiration From Bitcoin While Making Its Name

Litecoin draws direct inspiration from bitcoin with its first design and over-all concept. The two cryptocurrencies are also not very far from each other in terms of service time.

As of the moment, Litecoin is more than just another alternative of Bitcoin. It has also escaped its phase of being identical to Bitcoin.

  1. Dash: Impressive Crypto Performance With Worldwide Support

Previously known as Xcoin, Dash is now a fully operational and independent crypto that is serving millions of people worldwide.

Before arriving into the name Dash, its name was Darkcoin

An impressive feat that the Dash release holds is the number of coins the community mined within a 48-hour timeframe. According to sources, the coins totaled to a whopping 1.9 million.

Major online companies freely accept Dash, so if you have some coins in your virtual pocket, you can quickly try gambling right now.

The existence of many cryptocurrencies isn't just helping online casinos but also clients and gamblers. A cryptocurrency offers secure transaction networks that aren't likely to suffer breaches and data leaks.