Wild spartans

This Wild spartans classic-style slot game has a warrior theme and features symbols that represent various types of warriors. There are three types of symbols: sword, spear, and helmet. These all represent the standard paying icons, and they award different payouts depending on what they are. The maximum payout on this slot is 250 coins, and the minimum is fifteen coins. The characters and graphics are reminiscent of the Spartan culture, and the background color scheme is blue-grey.

The game’s theme is a tribute to the great warriors of ancient Greece. Its powerful design gives players an empowering feeling. In addition, the game features symbols that symbolize the different aspects of the Spartan culture. The soundtrack is impressive and the special features and animations are fantastic. The theme of the game is also reflected in the graphics and sounds of the video games. These are some of the best online slots, and the Wild Spartans video slot has all of them.

The bonus feature in Wild Spartans is the turbo-spin. This feature increases the dynamic gameplay by clamping a space on the keyboard. This button allows the game to change images in columns faster. Until the player changes their bet, the Turbo-spin continues. There are three types of Wild Spartans pictures. They differ in design and prize value. The game’s jackpot is 500 coins. However, the bonuses can be as high as $1,500.